Dear Me,

I know you need to hear this today: I’m proud of you. I see how beautiful your heart is even though it is often heavy. I love how you compliment everyone you meet..and you truly mean the kind things you say. You are so loving even though life hasn’t been the kindest to you. You’ve climbed some of the tallest mountains and you are still standing. Still trekking onward. The smile you wear is contagious, please don’t be ashamed of it. Yes..I know your teeth are big but it gives you character, and people feel your warmth when you show it.

You are bold, wild and beautiful. You feel things so deeply it can be overwhelming at times. It is not a curse, and I believe you will find a way to balance all of the intense feelings. Show yourself some patience. How is it that you are so willing to give others patience…but you constantly feel the need to rush yourself? You are doing just fine. Breathe!!! Start reading more of those self help books you love! Start painting “happy little trees” with Bob Ross again. Take more time to do the things YOU love. I know you feel like you have to please everybody and go along with their plans…but you are depriving yourself of what your soul needs to be at peace. As long as you take care of your heart, the rest will fall into place.

Oh, and you’re a pretty f**king great human being in case you forgot.

Xoxo, Me

Published by justgiannathings

just a 22 year old happy lil sunflower

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